Mvision company has been operating in the event industry since 15 years.

Privileged partner of event producers and event agencies, Mvision handles the whole audiovisual engineering.

Thanks to a rich experience, the company has built an international network and provides more than 1500 projects per year within France and abroad.

Mvision’s know-how is delivered with our consulting-engineers’ expertise, our technicians’ experience and the guarantee of material and devices always at the cutting edge of technology and always well-maintained.


Mvision has high-quality equipment and devices and proposes it for rental:

  • Video Projector (3000 to 30000 lumens)
  • HD Broadcast kits
  • LCD Screens
  • Sound equipment
  • Light equipment
  • Electric distribution

Mvision equipment is regularly renewed and checked after each rental.


For all your long-term needs of audiovisual equipment, your purchase plan or integration (screens, video projector, spotlights, speakers, micros…) Mvision sells and set up leading brands products.

Mvision advises you and optimizes your resources, and after the operation in order to maintain the products.


The professionalism of the company relies on values which inspire and motivate the whole team: Consulting, Expertise, Passion, Boldness, Efficiency.

The group’s philosophy and the organization can be summed up in 3 axes:

  • Passionate teams
  • Equipment at the cutting edge of technology
  • Regular Formations


Mvision thinks that answering the needs of present must not impact future generations. That is why the company is committed to a development “economically efficient, socially fair and ecologically sustainable”

The company has already lead internal actions to optimize the energy consumption and respect its commitment.

Mvision is labelled “live show service provider” since 12 years and got the “Prestadd” label in 2012.